Interim Priests

St Martin’s

Fr Damian Feeney SSC
Tel: 07949 570387

St Stephen’s

Fr Roger Gilbert
Tel: 01543 505007

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Saint Stephen the Martyr

Hilton Street



WV10 0LF

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Saint Martin of Tours

Dixon Street

Rough Hills



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Welcome to the Benefice of Wolverhampton Saint Martin and Saint Stephen Website.

The churches of St Martin  of Tours, Rough Hills and St Stephen the Martyr, Springfield became the Benefice of Wolverhampton St Martin and St Stephen in December 2015.

Whilst they are not ajoined to each other geographically they are served by the same clergy. Fr Damian Feeney SSC was appointed Interim Minister in July 2019 whilst continuing as Parish Priest at Holy Trinity Church, Ettingshall. Fr Roger Gilbert SSC currently ministers to the people of St Stephen’s.

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Our Tradition

Both St Martin’s and St Stephen's are churches in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Word, Sacrament and Service. We are part of the Diocese of Lichfield, under the Episcopal oversight of Bishop of Ebbsfleet under the House of Bishops’ Declaration.

Where the churches are located.

St Stephen's Church is about a 5 minutes’ walk from Wolverhampton Railway and Bus Stations and also from the City centre.
(Post code WV10 0LF).

St Martin's Church is approx.10 minutes from the City centre either by bus or car.
(Post code WV2 2BG).

Regular Services

The regular celebration of the Mass is at the heart of our lives together. It is usually celebrated on the following weekdays

Tuesday -  St Martin at 9.30am

Wednesday -  St Stephen at 7.00pm

(Unfortunately during the Vacancy [Interregnum], there will not be Mass on Thursday or Friday mornings)

Saturday -  St Stephen at 10.00am

Sung Mass is celebrated on Sunday

 St Stephen at 11.00am

St Martin at 11.30am

For a more detailed calendar please click here

Lord Jesus Christ, you taught us to love our neighbour, and
to care for those in need as if we were caring for you.

In this time of anxiety, give us strength to comfort the
fearful, to tend the sick, and to assure the isolated of our
love, and your love, for your name’s sake.


We especially pray for all those who live or work within our local communities on the following days:

Monday's Streets

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above to find out more.

Evening Prayer will be Live Streamed on weekdays at 5.00pm via Facebook. Today's streaming can be viewed by clicking on the service in calendar below.

We will be re-commence public worship on


Please see the Pastoral Letter below for details.

Our churches will be open for personal prayer between 2.00 & 3.30pm on the days indicated below.

Tuesdays – St Martin’s, Dixon Street, Rough Hills, Wolverhampton WV2 2BG

Wednesdays – St Stephen’s, Hilton Street, Springfield, Wolverhampton WV10 0LF

Thursdays – Church of the Most Holy Trinity, Farrington Road, Wolverhampton WV 4 6QL

Everyone will be very welcome to visit one of our churches on the day and time shown above. When you visit please follow the government social distancing guidelines. Hand gel will be provided on entry into the church and we ask you to follow additional guidance that may be necessary.

Churches reopening for worship

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

You will be aware that, as from Saturday 4 July, our churches can once again be open for public worship. How we have missed coming together, gathering around the Risen Christ, and being nourished by him in Word and Sacrament. You will know, because it has been stated often, how much we have missed the regular coming together of our worshipping communities. The last four months have been difficult in so many ways!  We wish to return to the sacred spaces of our churches, and to receive the sacraments - which are so vital to our life as Christians.

The Mass is vital.  It is the very gift of God’s own self. It is our partaking in the life of God, and without it we are impoverished as Christians.

Given the amount of preparation involved we are recommending that we re-commence public worship on SUNDAY, 12 JULY. Whilst this may appear to be a week of delay, This enables us to contact and keep as many people as possible in the loop. People in the following circumstances should not attend church.

The circumstances in which we will gather will, however, have changed markedly. Our gatherings come with strict conditions. Firstly, our bishops have kept in place the dispensation from attendance at Sunday Mass. This means that anyone who, for any valid reason feels unable to attend, should be free to stay at home.

In order to attend Sunday worship, it is really important to ‘book’ in advance. This is primarily so that we can easily limit the congregation to safe numbers. (The limits for each church are as follows: Holy Trinity: 35 St Martin’s: 30 St Stephen’s 35). This is a matter of Government Regulation.

We are asked to collect simple contact details for all who attend. This will enable us to make contact should any member of a particular congregation contract Covid - 19.

In practical terms:

Our Sunday Services will remain as follows:

Holy Trinity, Ettingshall: 9.30 am

St Stephen’s, Springfield: 11 am

St Martin’s, Rough Hills: 11.30 am


Sunday Masses will be virtually identical, simple said Mass with music.

To indicate if you wish to attend, telephone:

Holy Trinity: 01902 478679/07949 570387 – please leave a voicemail.

St Martin’s 01902 373145 – please leave a voicemail.

St Stephen’s 07484 121109 – please leave a voicemail

Please make sure you ring by Friday 12 noon each week.


We will continue to live-stream Evening Prayer every weekday at 5pm. Further worship will depend on capacity.

It should be noted that we are having to respond very quickly to new sets of advice. We will not be fully functioning as we would like until at least September, and very possibly after that, but what you have read represents our first swing at this.

We look forward – more than we can say – to seeing you at worship. Even if you are not able to be present, we shall be offering mass and praying with and for you all. If anyone would like to be particularly prayed for - or would just like a chat, please do ring.

Please remember! As with everything to do with the pandemic, things can change very quickly!

This comes with our love, prayers and good wishes for all.

Fr. Damian Feeney            Fr Adam Edwards

Fr Roger Gilbert                Fr Tony Hutchinson

Brother Ross Brooks

A Pastoral Letter from the Clergy of the parishes of
Holy Trinity, Ettingshall, St Martin's, Rough Hills and St Stephen's, Springfield.